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Rylee Hollis

Hello! My name is Rylee; I'm currently 17 years old and completing my senior year of high school. My hobbies include drawing, listening to music, and fashion. I have been doodling ever since I could hold a pencil and always dreamed of being an artist! After high school, I will be attending school in Toronto and majoring in illustration. I hope my work allows others to see the beauty and humor of the world around us. Thank you!

Instagram: @doodlingdoves 

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John Coleman

Hello! My name is John Colman and I am a 29 year old artist that is from the great city of Houston, TX. I am a digital artist who uses the Procreate app to bring my creations to life. I enjoy drawing and have done so ever since I was a small child. I am still perfecting my craft and working hard each and every day to get better. I try to live by my own motto: "Do what you love or hate what you do, either way just do something." 

Instagram: @clutchart1991

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Erik Ruiz

Hey, my name is Erik Ruiz - a 35 year old artist from the great state of California. My interests include fitness, drawing, and video games. I am an illustrator based in the California Central Valley. I've been married to my wonderful, supportive wife Clara for nearly 5 years now. Since the age of 3 illustrating has been my greatest passion. I'm always ready to take an opportunity that can challenge my skills. 

Instagram: @eruiz_illustrations

Twitter: @ERuizIllustrate

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Anjolee Lavery

Hello, I am Anjolee Lavery, an 18 year old college student studying design, economics, and philosophy. I have been interested in art my whole life, and while I have a busy schedule with school, I set time aside to pursue art. My primary focus in art is design-centered around color, symmetry, and form. 

Instagram: @crossedcones