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Dear Momma

Children's book that explores the life lessons mothers pass down to their children.

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Drive Slow

Children's book set in Houston, TX that chronicles the week spent together between a father and son. With their time they visit various landmarks that hold significance to the family.

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My Block

My Block is a story about growing up in Houston, Tx back in the 90's. Back when kids would drink water straight from the hose and did not come in until the street lights came on. Man, how I miss those days and would give anything to go back and relive another summer on my block.

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My Wish

This book is meant to provide perspective for coaches, parents, and athletes. In my 17 years as a teacher and coach I have learned what is truly important in youth sports. I wish to share that valuable information with you the reader. Like most people in my position I wish to leave the game better than how I found it. This is how I wish to be remembered.

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We Got Next

As an educator I run across young people who do not fit in the box we call school. I can recognize talent and special abilities in our students even when they are not being successful in their academic areas. As someone who struggled himself I want students all over the world to know that we see you. Teachers like myself know that some kids will struggle at school but go on to be wildly successful at the things they are passionate about. Keep pressing forward young ones because the best is yet to come!

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